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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Father's Day

Room 22 children love their DADS.

We made these colourful ties for our dads on Fathers' Day.

Cross Country Race

Room 22 children competed in their first 

Cross Country Event 

held at Martin Wilson Park on 4 September 2018

We walked to the park with parents and teachers.

We sat in our age groups. 

Then it was our turn!

First we had to warm up our muscles!

Then it was time to line up 
and listen for 'go!' 

Off we ran! We ran our fastest! 
We did our best!
We chased the bunnies that showed us where to run!

   Here are the winners receiving their ribbons.

We all had a great time!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Grandparents Day


                               GRANDPARENTS MORNING

On Friday 8 June it was grandparents morning at Victoria Avenue School. At 9.30am the grandparents visited us in Room 22. (We now have 12 children) We sang them our 'Welcome Song,' showed them our work and read poems and books to them. It was really great to have them in our room. They thought we were awesome and we thought they were awesome! It was sad to see them leave!


Saturday, 19 May 2018

R22 Blog

                                    Victoria Avenue School

                                       Room 22 Class Blog

This year class blogs are being introduced to each class as we see blogging as a valuable way for students and teachers to…
  • reflect on their learning
  • share their learning
  • reach a wider audience for feedback

On the first day of Term 2, Mrs Martin and Mrs Francis welcomed seven new children into the newly formed New Entrant/Year 1 class in Room 22. We expect that the number of children in this class will double by the end of this term.

The class has now grown to 9 students and we have been most impressed by the way in which the children have settled into school quickly and have readily adopted class routines.


            In week 3 the children were transported to the new market Olympic Pool for swimming                        lessons. Parent helpers kindly assisted with the exercise and an enjoyable learning 
            experience was had by all.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Welcome to Room 15's Blog 2017

Welcome to Room 15's Blog

We have been happily settling into Victoria Avenue School 
and enjoying some activities 
with Mrs Martin and Mrs Francis.

We are learning to recognise and to form correctly 
the alphabet letters and sounds.

We have been learning to recognise and to form 
numbers and their names correctly.

We are learning to tell the hours on analogue and digital clocks.

We have been studying kites and have been making different
kinds of kites. We have been talking and writing about Matariki and the Seven Sisters Stars.

Grandparents Day was held recently and we enjoyed hosting 
grandparents in our classroom. We sang and danced and 
wrote stories about them. They thought we were amazing!


We are now in our new classroom Room 15, our home until the Christmas holidays and we will have the full complement of children by early September.

These are some of the exciting things the children have been experiencing in Term 3.

Crazy Hair Day!

Keeping Ourselves Safe
with the help of Constable Gordon

Monday, 19 October 2015

Welcome to Room 22

Welcome to Room 22's new blog.
During Maths Week in Term 3 we celebrated being five!

 We also looked at patterns, and designed our own tapa cloth as part of our inquiry learning about "Whoever Am I?"